Cabrières. France.  43°36'03. 2"N 3°22'51. 8"E

I've always been enchanted by fine wine. Its aroma, flavor, and above all, the cherished moments shared with loved ones. 

So much so that, at the age of 21, I delved into the world of oenology, cultivating a passion for the esteemed winemaking traditions of my hometown, Montpellier, in Southern France. With a growing love for Languedoc appellations, I began producing my own sophisticated wines in 2019.

Yet, there was a problem: headaches, bad sleep, unproductive days, and even the dreaded hangxiety.

In pursuit of an alternative, I found myself faced with uninspiring fruit juices, unable to replicate the elevated experience of raising a glass in celebration. 

Thus began my journey towards creating a wine that would maintain the aroma and flavor of French wines, without the alcohol.

Armed with expertise and a desire for innovation, I sought to craft an unparalleled wine. One that underwent fermentation and aging without the presence of alcohol.

The solution was cold de-alcoholization – a cutting-edge process that carefully removes 100% of alcohol while retaining the wine's exquisite essence and aroma. Perfecting this technique and preserving the luxurious profile of Cabrières wine demanded unwavering dedication and finesse.

Now, I am proud to unveil a Cabrières wine that embodies its unique aromatics and sumptuous taste - sans alcohol. Introducing Inspired Rosé – a wine that elevates life's special moments to new heights.

Let's share in the indulgence and toast to our health with Inspire Rosé. Together, let's Raise Higher.

- Bérenger Vaysse, Founder & CEO